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My Favorite Woman!

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I saved the best for last! There is no way possible I would be the woman I am without the woman who gave me life and not only did she give me life she gave me the best life.

I know we all think we have the greatest moms ever and I agree we all do. I am not a mom, but I can imagine it is by far the toughest job. My mom has done it for over 40 years and still continues to this day. She never stops being a mom and for that I am thankful.

So, today I am sharing with you all a little piece of my favorite girl and you will understand why she is a Black Girl Who Rocks!

CC: What does it mean to you to be a wife, mom and grandma
Mom: It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life.

CC: Why is that?
Mom: All I ever thought about was being a mom, wife and a grandma that was always my dream. I never thought about a career that was extra. I always knew I would be amazing. Financially, I learned I had to do more, but that’s all I ever wanted.

My mom has been a hairstylist since 1986. Before having her own salon she had two different salons with other people. 23 years ago she opened her own business, working solo and she hasn’t looked back.

CC: What does it mean to have your own business?
Mom: Having my business is so rewarding, to be able to do my own thing. Working for myself is great. I wouldn’t take nothing for it. 

CC: How have you kept your business so long?
Mom: I have a really great personality and a great attitude. I know how to treat and talk to people. People are drawn to me and I like people. How you treat people is what keeps you in business. I tell people all the time I may not be the best hair stylist in town, but I know how to treat people and I'm considerate. I also love talking to my customers. It’s like a family in my salon. I have lifelong customers that are as close as family.”

My mom has this strength that I can’t figure out where it comes from. She never gets sick or if she does we are clueless because she doesn’t stop.

I remember when she had a hysterectomy and her procedure wasn’t easy. It was a couple of weeks into her recovery and someone called her to come and do their hair…mind you she could hardly stand/walk. I had to go to the salon with her to get products for her etc. because she refused to say no.

CC: Where does your strength come from?
Mom: The love that I have for my family motivates me to keep going like a machine. Seeing all of you all's achievements gives me strength to keep going. All of you exceeded the expectations I had and I am so proud.

CC: What do you want your legacy to be?
Mom: I decided when I was young it was a certain way I was going to live my life and I stuck to it. I could have lived a different life.  Being raised in the projects my life could have gone a different way, but I decided as a kid that I was going to be a good respectable woman and that’s how I have lived my life. No matter what went on around me, I stuck to it.  A lot of people took it as a weakness, but I chose not to be a fighter. So, I want my legacy to be that I lived a purpose filled life that I’m proud of. When I close my eyes for the last time I can say I lived a life I am proud of. I will die with a smile on my face." 

SN: I did not like this statement…I do not like talking about death and she knows that so she added, “I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.” Praise Jesus!

This last question I asked because I know the answer and I thought you all would get a kick out of her response. I could hardly type for laughing. But she ended it very sweet.

CC: What is it like being my mom?
Mom: Girl, how much time do you have? You were the hardest one. YOU, YOU, YOU!! Let me think about it. Oh Lord, honey…you were hard. Many nights my knee caps were hurting from praying. I would have never guessed looking at you now. Thank the Lord I had the strength not to give up on you. You came into this world being sassy. A mother’s heartache that turned into the most pleasant surprise. Had I known we would have gotten here I would have had less stress. Your brother was so easy, but you!! And your crazy little daddy backing everything you did. But at the end of the day you make me proud.”

Aww…all the feels.

My mom is pretty amazing and I can only hope that if God allows me to be a mom I can be half the mom she is. A lot of times when I want to give up I think about all she did and all she sacrificed for me and I know giving up is not an option. Plus, she would kill me.

Thanks so much for reading my Women’s History Month series and I hope you enjoyed it and got something out it.

Maybe more series coming to the blog…this was fun.

For the last time...Happy Women’s History Month,

Crowned CaNesha

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