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Working on living my best life

I’m settling into 40 and so far so good. I am working on getting  myself together physically and mentally to become a better me. 


For today's post I decided to call some of my celeb friends who are 40 plus (or I used Google...LOL) and see how they handled entering their 40’s. Check out what they had to say.


“When I turned 40, I was like, huh. I accept myself more now. It was much more comforting.”
-Jennifer Lopez


“I embraced it. There’s something freeing about 40. There’s something that allowed me to walk the walk and talk the talk of being the woman that I always wanted to be.”
-Gabrielle Union

"I was really worried about it, leading up to the day, but now I feel really happy and content with my life. I'm excited to move into the next phase. It's much more exciting than I thought it would be."
-Gwyenth Paltrow


“I’m so happy to be in my 40’s and not be in my 20’s and worried if I fit into my skinny jeans or whether I will be able to get into that club.”
-Charlize Theron


“I wish I had known more about nutrition and exercise and how really good it could affect you at a younger age. Then I would have kicked it up a lot sooner.”
-Queen Latifah


“Perfection is boring and I don’t want to fall into that space of being a woman in my 40’s and having the need to feel perfect and not have wrinkles and not have an extra 15 pounds. I just want to do good work and be who I am, transition beautifully, and have a healthy balanced lifestyle.”
-Nia Long

“I am very clear and definitely a lot pickier. You know yourself better, what you’ll tolerate and what excites you.”
-Sanaa Lathan on dating at 40


"For the first time in my life I'm content. I'm so excited. Getting older is the best part of life. Like, I know more than I've ever known. I have gratitude. I know myself better. I feel more capable than ever. And as far as the physicality of it-I feel better at 40 than I did at 25."
-Cameron Diaz"

"When am I suppose to freak out? When am I suppose to feel like 'Oh, my knee! Oh, ouch! I don't feel any of those things! I've had more fun post-40 than I can remember."
-Jennifer Aniston

After chatting it up with all my friends I am even more excited about what 40 and beyond has to offer. I'm just a little over a month in but I feel good about where it's going.

They are all over 40! #motivation

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