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You Go Girl!

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It’s September Y’all…we are going to blink and be saying Happy New Year? I know I keep saying it, but this year has flown by. But I want us to continue to celebrate our wins each month no matter how small. So, let’s share all our greatness in August.

To recap…I began the “You Go Girl” monthly series because most of us make resolutions or promises to ourselves at the beginning of each year and as each month ends we begin to think we are losing time if we haven’t accomplished it all.

I decided at the end/beginning of each month instead of thinking of what we haven’t accomplished, we should think about all that we have.

 My accomplishments for August 2018

·        I was consistently on my YouTube channel for TEN WEEKS…TEN WEEKS!! My views weren’t very high, but I am so proud of myself for completing it. I said I would do it and I did.

·        If you read these monthly then you know the last couple of months my goal was 1,200 followers and I have 1,200 followers now…well a few more but who’s counting LOL. My next goal is 1,300. Tell your friends to follow me. It’s fun hereJ!

·        My social media pages and my blog are growing which means people see me and that is very exciting. I try to share good content with you all so please keep coming back and sharing.

·        The #NashvilleCurves campaign hit in August and I shared several pics of myself in a swimsuit and felt good about it. There was even one pic I was self-conscious about, but I posted it anyway. This is called GROWTH people, and I’m so happy about it.

·        I went to TCF Style Expo by myself and had a blast. Put myself out there and made some new blogger friends and even chatted with some brands about collaborations. I tell you I’m growing people.

·        Still being consistent with blogging and posting.

·        Still doing more pitching and receiving a mixture of yes and no but the fact is I keep pitching.

·        Still being conscious of being present.

August was a crazy, busy and exciting month for me. I am thankful for all I have accomplished and can’t wait to see what else is in store for me. I am patting myself on the back and saying You Go Girl!

Let’s celebrate you now. What all did you accomplish in August? Don’t forget…nothing is too small. Share with me in the comments! I can’t wait to celebrate you!

Until next month,

Crowned CaNesha      

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