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Am I going to be single forever?

I stepped out of my comfort zone last weekend and went to a speed dating event...I know…go me! I wasn’t confident that my future husband/father of my kids would be there but at least thought I might get a date, so I could wear one of my date dresses. Click here for post about my date dresses.

I felt cute, and I was having a great make-up day, so I was ready to do some speed dating.

We get there, and it’s a room full of women about 40-50 to be exact and acouple of men. I swear at that moment I was hella discouraged. The event could have been amazing had all of us women had some men to speed date with.

I am feeling very hopeless.  I have a couple of dating apps on my phone and the options… well; let’s just say my question stands…Am I going to be single forever?

Before you say it, I know I need to wait on God but I also know he isn’t coming to my front door. Therefore, when attending an event for men and women to meet but only women show up it is very disheartening.

I’m trying hard to stay positive and keep the faith but it’s not looking good.  When I think about my life, I never thought in a million years I would be 40, single and childless. It’s a tough pill to swallow that this could be my reality.

I find myself trying to do more things to fill the void and trying to say it's okay if it doesn’t happen but guess what…it’s not okay.

I could be being a bit dramatic with thinking I’m going to be single forever but it sure feels like it.

I know I can’t predict the future or move God until he’s ready, so I know I just have to wait and be hopeful but today isn’t that day. Maybe next week.


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