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What To Do When You’re Too Old to Trick or Treat

Halloween is next week and I’m sure like me some of you are wondering what to do, especially since it is on a school/work night.

Below I’m sharing some ideas. Please feel free to add to the list:

·        Watch a scary movie…unless you’re a scary cat like me. Don’t Do It…reconsider. LOL!

·        Binge watch American Horror Story. I want to watch this, but again…scary cat.

·        Carve a pumpkin. I have always wanted to do this. I might try this, but y’all may never see it.

·        Go to a haunted house. Y’all already know this isn’t for me.

·        Bake a candy cake or cookies and decorate them. The cake may be out of my league, but cookies should be easy for me LOL!

·        Put yourself into a sugar coma. This is the one day it’s okay to eat all the candy. Go for it!

·        Hand out candy. That could be fun…you get to see all the cute costumes.

·        Go to a corn maze.

·        Throw a murder mystery party. If you have some creative friends,  this could be fun.

·        Go to an Escape room.

·        Have a pumpkin spice latte.

·        Go to Pinterest to look up spooky cocktails and Invite a friend or friends over.

·        Make a spooky Halloween play list

·        Read a scary book.

·        Host a junk food potluck.

As for me the pumpkin spice latte, cookies and maybe trying an episode of American Horror story sounds like a good plan for me. What are you going to do Halloween night?

Whatever you do be safe!


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#TBT #Halloween #80s #myfavcostume

#TBT #Halloween #80s #myfavcostume

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