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CoffeeStix Changed My Life

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I’m a coffee drinker, but some might say I have cream & sugar with my coffee instead of coffee with cream & sugar LOL. I have tried to cut back on all the cream and sugar because I know it’s not good for me so imagine my happiness when I was given CoffeeStix to try in my swag bag from The Curvy Fashionista Expo.

I tried one and fell in love. Literally, it is a stick with cream and sugar and melts in your hot coffee. You don’t even need a spoon or stirrer. I didn’t add any more cream or sugar and that’s saying a lot for me.

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I wanted to know more about CoffeeStix and the woman behind them.

Check out my interview below with Donna Royston, Founder of CoffeeStix.


CC: Tell me about Coffee Stix and how they came about?

DR:  I have to begin this dialogue by 1st thanking God for giving me the witty idea of CoffeeStix and 2nd, thank you for blessing me with this platform to market and showcase CoffeeStix! How they came about, well, that's a funny story, especially coming from a non-coffee drinker. That's why I say CoffeeStix is a God sent product! I do enjoy tea. I'm a pharmacy technician by trade and one day during class we were attempting to make pediatric lollipops. After many failed attempts I got bummed out, but the students begged to try once more. We did and it was the worst to say the least, but the aroma of coffee filled my classroom and CoffeeStix was born.

CC: Are you a one-woman show?

DR: While God placed the idea in my head, my husband helped me to perfect things and bring it to fruition so we are a family operation!

CC: What are all the favors?

DR: The flavors, for now, are your standard popular flavors like French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, and Amaretto. I do like to come out with seasonal flavors like Irish Cream in the spring, Bananas Foster in the summer, Pumpkin' Spice for the fall, and Chocolate Peppermint for the winter, but I do and will experiment more as we expand the product line. The possibilities are endless.

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CC: Are CoffeeStix better/healthier than cream and sugar?

DR: I believe so. We use non-dairy creamer as well as pure sugar cane sugar. Artificial sweeteners aren't healthy for you because they use ingredients that have carcinogenic properties so in that aspect yes.

CC: Why should all coffee drinkers get on the CoffeeStix train?

DR: Coffee drinkers should get on the CoffeeStix train because no other product on the market gives you the complete convenience of having all the ingredients in one product and something to bring it all together. Make your coffee smile!

CC: Where would you like to see CoffeeStix…the company go?

DR: I see CoffeeStix as a God made multimillion-dollar company. We will be on major airlines, major resorts, hotel chains as well as in retail outlets like Bucee's, HEB, and coffee shops. The product line is very expansive and will appeal to a massive audience, so I see longevity and a legacy being left for my daughter and family.

CC: Anything else you want to share?

DR: Try out CoffeeStix, tell your friends! They make great gifts and are sure to please. Thanks again for "blogging" me if that's a thing. I wish you all the blessings on all your endeavors!

Just so you know I’m not bias, I let my friend try CoffeeStix who is more of a coffee drinker than me and these were her exact words “Talk about an unexpected surprise! The fact that the CoffeeStix are non-dairy is another bonus. If you're looking for something easy and flavorful, CoffeeStix is definitely what you need. CoffeeStix brings the joy back to coffee!”

Tomorrow is small business Saturday and I encourage you to head to and load up. You will not be disappointed. Donna is also throwing in a new flavor sample stix as a token of her appreciation for your support.

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