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Who is Your Role Model

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Welcome to part two of my Women’s History month series. I decided to do this series because this is such an important month and I wanted to acknowledge it but with a twist.

I reached out to some of my dope friends and asked them some questions that I thought were relevant to us as women.

Since today is WCW (woman crush Wednesday) I thought it was the perfect day to drop part two in my series.

This week I asked the ladies what women have been role models in their life.

In essence, all women have been role models. Teachers, my mom, my friends’ moms, sisters, actors, directors, executives, aunts, trailblazers, history makers, grandmothers, etc. I look up to both the “everyday” female as well as females in the public eye and who have made history (acknowledged and not). I don’t want to name anyone specific because they all deserve love and appreciation. You deserve love and appreciation. You can learn from EACH & EVERY FEMALE you encounter. I’m not saying that all lessons are positive and inspirational but I’m saying you can learn from them all.” - Angela

I have been incredibly blessed to have women who have been a part of my village to help shape me into the woman I am today as well as an amazing tribe of friends. However, through the years, some of the best role models in my life have been women I don't know. I draw from their strong, transparency, vulnerability and kick ass attitude to get things done. So many women are committed to this unspoken sisterhood to uplift and inspire those that they might touch along their path and for that I am forever grateful.” - Brittany

“There are so many phenomenal women who have served as role models. My first and most important role model was my mother.” – Carmen

 “My mom is the smartest woman I know. She knows EVERYTHING.  I always wanted to be as smart as she is. She told me, as a child; I can be anything I wanted to be and I believed her. Still do. My sister made sure I stood up for myself. I didn’t always do that. Still don’t sometimes, but I always hear her telling me “don’t let them treat you like that.” My dad’s mother was a black nurse at Erlanger at a time when there were no black nurses. She let those doctors know she knew more than all of them and they respected her. Not many black nurses could command that respect, but she did. My mom’s mother was a diva. She knew how to command a room without saying a word. What an awesome power that is. All of them have something I wanted to emulate. So my role models are the strong women in my family.” – Kellie

“For me, my mother is the woman role model in my life. I admire how she handles everything with class and poise. No matter the adversity or curveballs that are thrown her way she makes sure that she never lets her "haters" see her sweat. Her advice is sound, she exudes the epitome of womanhood and she doesn't look a day over 30...ok maybe 50. Her struggles and accomplishments have shaped her into the great woman that she is. There many great examples of African American women to learn from, to admire and often mimic. However that person for me is my mom, my twin.” - Kina

 “Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, my mom and other women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Spelman College.” – Leigh

My mother is a role model to me. I haven’t always agreed with everything she’s said or done, but she has taught me to be me, unapologetically. To me, that’s the first step of loving yourself. My mother in law is also a role model. She taught me about unconditional love. She truly has it.” – Nicole

Char (my mom) is my biggest role model! I watched her sacrifice time, money, and energy so that I could have a better future. Oprah is always a great one to look up to obvi. I admire every woman who's fought the good fight and laid a foundation for the younger generation to come behind her and carry the torch.” - Sarah

“My mother! She's absolutely amazing. She has taught me how to not bind myself by societal norms and do my own thing. She always told me don't let anyone tell you there are things that you can't do or things you have to do because you have a vagina." - Sheena

Who are your role models? Share with me in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading…part three next week!

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