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Why Women's History Month is Important

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March is Women’s History Month and it is important to celebrate and acknowledge because women’s history should matter to us. I know the only reason I am where I am and have what I have is because of the women before me who fought like hell to make us matter.

To honor this important month, I will have a series of blog posts featuring some dope women I know and love. I reached out (or will reach out…wait for it) asking them some questions that I thought other women would enjoy reading.

Each post will highlight their responses from that question.

Up first…I asked, “why is it important to have a special month to honor women?”

 “It is important because the world we live in still fails to truly understand and acknowledge women as equal and the impact that women (we have) had on history.” –Angela

“Women should no longer be seen as the unsung heroes. We are the heroes! Women are the backbone of this nation, and we are starting to realize and wield our power. From the Me Too movement, to forcing a conversation about equal pay, to demanding a seat at the table. We will NOT be silenced.”  – Brittany

 Representation is important, and having a special month dedicated to honoring the achievements and accomplishments of Women are important.” – Carmen

 “I think it is important to celebrate Women’s History Month because we as women have had a significant impact on the world and the community we live in. When you often reflect on the injustices of what women go through gender discrimination, lower wages and sometimes disrespect you wonder how we still rise to the occasion. We stand on the shoulders of great women, young and old alike, where we have inherited the tools, the intelligence, the boldness and characteristics to change the world and add own piece of self in it. Thank you to those brave women because now I can be apart of women’s history too!” - Kina

Women move mountains every day. They do something amazing all the time. They push their way through adversity. They stand up for themselves. They fight battles for those too weak to fight for themselves. Women have been told for centuries to take what is given to you whether it be a cheating husband, an unfair boss, or an unruly child, take what you get and suffer in silence. Women don’t have to suffer in silence anymore or ever again. And some of us need a reminder of that, the fight we have inside of us, the strength we have to pick up and carry on and the wisdom to know we don’t have to take the crumbs we are given and starve, but we can have the whole cake and LIVE. We take a month to celebrate this strength, courage and wisdom because every once in a while every woman needs to be reminded of her power. –Kellie

Women are often overlooked in this male dominated society, especially women of color. It's important to understand how women have helped build America and contributed to the arts, science, math and more.” - Leigh

“A month isn’t enough! Can we just have Year of the Woman already? Maybe when Michelle Obama becomes president lol. But Women’s month is vitally important to teach the girls coming up that woman are strong, we are empowered and we can do have it all (with balance of course). I want my girls to be proud to be a woman AND understand that women can win and rule at life right alongside men.” – Nicole

I don’t know about y’all, but after reading this I am ready to being a petition to have the Year of the Woman. I told you my friends are dope. I feel so inspired and so happy to be a woman and more importantly a woman of color because we ROCK!!

Why do you think it’s important to celebrate Women’s History Month? Share in the comments.

Part two coming next week,

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