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Is My 2018 Really Going to be like Cardi B's 2017?

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We have all seen the meme that says “I just need my 2018 to be as good to me as 2017 was to Cardi B.”

This meme made me think that most of us want our passions/side hustles to blow up, and we have a tendency to look at others in our field when they blow up trying to figure out why we haven’t.

Do we consider the amount of time they have put in, the hours, weeks, months and years to get to where they are?

I have a tendency to look at other bloggers and wonder why I am not where they are. I think I have a good blog, and I share things that people can relate to but why do I still have less than a 1000 followers and have yet to hit a 100 clicks on any blog post.

It can depress you and/or make you want to give up. I think about quitting blogging weekly!

I decided to do some research on bloggers that I admire and would love for my blog career to mimic.

Guess what I found out?? Most of them have been at this for 5 - 10 years.

I have blogged for a little over 2 years, but if I am being honest, I have only been putting in real work over the last year.

So, what have I figured out? 99.9999% my 2018 will not look like Cardi B’s 2017 but I can work like she did in 2017 and maybe my 2019 will resemble hers.

But don’t fret…one day I will be that blogger. One day I will hit over 1,000 followers and have over a 100 clicks on my blog post.

Until then, I will just keep working, studying and growing.

Do you compare yourself to others in your field and if so how do you not let it consume you?

Until next time,

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