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You Go Girl!

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I am starting a monthly series titled “You Go Girl.”!

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions or set goals at the beginning of the year, and at the end of each month if we haven’t met them we begin to think we are losing time.

I have decided at the end of each month we will celebrate what we have accomplished not focusing on what we haven’t. Remember nothing is too small.

I’ll start…Below are my accomplishments for January 2018

·  Went to my first therapy session

·   Getting back into meal planning

·    Being consistent on the blog and social media

·    Designated a blogging day (it’s Sunday)

·    Spent time with friends

·    Went to the National  Museum of African American  History and Culture (I will share more soon)

·    Drinking more water

·   Joined an amazing Blog Mastermind Group

·   Connecting and building relationships with other bloggers

·  Working on being more present

·  I think I only had one “woe is me” moment this month

·  Did not get the Flu (Y’all know this is serious) 

I can’t wait to read your January accomplishments. Leave them in the comments. Let’s celebrate each other.

Until next time,

Crowned CaNesha

You Go Girl!

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