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Taking Chances at 41 & NOT Giving AF!

Well, I’m 41 and it’s time to kick it up a notch. 40 was good and I showed some growth, but now it’s time to not give AF for 41.

Entering my 40s was supposed to be all about growth for me and learning to love this life I have instead of the one I planned. I have worked on changing my mindset and enjoying life.

And so far so good, but a few things holding me back.

Fear and caring what other people think is a large roadblock for me. It’s strange because in my head, I don’t care what people think, but doing anything outside of my norm freaks me out so for 41 I’m all about not giving AF.

Well, I’m going to try hard…you all know I try to always be honest, and I know myself so I’m going to work hard at it but I am human.

This means taking chances…doing something I have wanted to for some time to grow my blog/brand but have been a scary cat. It’s so strange because I am constantly saying I want to grow but yet here I am not doing it.

 Isn’t it strange how you can let other people’s opinion cause you to not take chances? Here’s the funny thing most people don’t even know what I want to do so my fear is coming from assumptions. SMH at myself.

The other thing holding me back is being completely comfortable with my body. If you have followed me a while, then you know my weight has always been an issue so my other goal for 41 is to stop being so self-conscious.

I mean I’m not trying to be a participant on my 600lb life, but understanding that I like cupcakes so I’m probably not going to be in the single digits ever again so I can’t let it consume my life. I need to learn to love this body I have and everything else will fall into place.

These are my goals for 41 and it sounds doable, but as we all know I will have a woe is me moment in a heartbeat so bear with me and if you can continue to support me on this journey to growing, loving and living life.

Trying to Live my Best Life!

Trying to Live my Best Life!


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