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My Journey to Becoming a Blogger!

Claire & I at my first blog event!

Claire & I at my first blog event!

This picture above has so much significance…Let me take you back.

Picture it June 21, 2015… Claire Summers of Fashion Bomb Daily was coming to Nashville for “Cocktails with Claire.” If you don’t know who she is, she is a famous blogger…one of my favs so of course I had to attend.

That morning I was like “you can’t go to a blog event without a blog”, so I sat on my couch and my blog was born.

Now, I had wanted to blog for a while, but there were so many doubts and fears.

“What will I blog about?”

“Will anyone read it?”

“Does anyone care what I think?”

“What if people judge me?”

I could go on and on. I actually started a few blogs, but never published them, but that morning I was like do it.

Telling Claire all about my blog I started a few hours ago. I left that part out LOL!

Telling Claire all about my blog I started a few hours ago. I left that part out LOL!

If you are new here, my original blog name was “I am Almost 40 Now What” and I was blogging about what it meant to be almost 40 and not married with kids. My first couple of post people were reading, sharing, etc. and I was like “oh yeah, I got this” and then it slowed down. I got discouraged often because in my head, I was putting out great content and no one was reading it.

I didn’t know a lot about blogging I figured I would write post, people would LOVE them, brands would come calling and I would be speaking on panels. Yeah, didn’t happen…heck it hasn’t happened yet.

I let doubt and fear stop me so many times. Then I went to my first blogging conference Blogalicious and it was life changing. The main thing I learned is I wasn’t considering myself a blogger. I was a girl who wrote blog post from time to time and posted a few pics. I learned that blogging is a business, and I had to invest in myself if I was serious. I also had to realize that nothing happens overnight. Anybody can blog but it’s how you position yourself to stand out.

So, I got to work…kind of. I still let a lot of doubt and fear get to me. If I’m being honest, it’s only been in the last year or so that I became serious, consistent and investing in myself because I love it. Now, I’m not going to lie there are times when I only get 5 views and 25 likes and I’m like “REALLY” but I remind myself that those five views and 25 likes mean something. Somebody took their time to read it and for that I’m thankful.

Now, here I am celebrating my three-year anniversary with 1,057 followers (Today…bloggers know what I mean). It may not be a lot to some, but to me, it’s everything. AND…I have started a YouTube channel…crazy. I never thought I would be here.

I’m not the biggest blogger by any means, but I am kicking fear in the butt every day, I am growing, learning and doing the thang. Hopefully, next year there will be more growth, a brand will call and I will be on a panel. You never know, but the one thing I know is I’m not quitting. Well, that’s a lie, I quit weekly, but I always come back.

Thanks for your support and I hope you will continue to support me and tell your friends.


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