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Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in love, life and everything in between. Hope you have a nice stay!

Who is CaNesha?

One of my Fav pics from my 40th B-day Shoot! I’m not really a drinker BTW

One of my Fav pics from my 40th B-day Shoot! I’m not really a drinker BTW

There have been a lot of new people that have joined me on this crazy journey of life after 40 so I thought I would do a reintroduction of sorts. Sharing a little about who I am and why I’m blogging.

Want to hear it, here it goes!

·        I’m 41…closer to 42 now (May 13) LOL!

·        I’m a daughter to the best parents ever and I am a serious Daddy’s girl.

·        I am the little sister to a super cool brother…I mean he fights fires for a living...he has to be cool.

·        I am an Aunt to two handsome and adorable nephews. I had to use both adjectives because one is 25 and the other is 5.

·        I LOVE cupcakes…they are my happy place.

·        My undergrad degree is in Journalism.

·        I was a crime beat reporter for a while.

·        Hallmark Channel Christmas movies are Bae.

·        I’m obsessed with nail designs on Pinterest.

·        Logan’s Roadhouse is one of my fav places to eat.

·        Pumpkin Spice Lattes make me happy.

Why did I start this blog? Because my thirties kind of sucked. For lack of a better word, I felt like I wasted my thirties because I was so focused on being married and having kids that I didn’t live. So, this blog is a journal of sorts about me trying to figure out this thing called life and what it will look like if I never get married or have kids.

I share pretty much everything and I hope that by sharing I can help someone feel normal in this crazy world. I’m not perfect or an expert, but I hope you will stick around for the good, the bad and the ugly of Crowned CaNesha…The Realities of My Fairy Tale.


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