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You Go Girl!

Can you believe it’s April? How’s it going? How do you feel? I hope you feel great, but if not after you list out your big and small wins I promise you will feel better and see how much of a rock star you really are.

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To recap…I began the “You Go Girl” monthly series because most of us make resolutions or promises to ourselves at the beginning of each year and as each month ends we begin to think we are losing time if we haven’t accomplished it all.

I decided at the end of each month instead of thinking of what we haven’t accomplished, we should think about all that we have.

Before I share my accomplishments, let me be honest. The last two weeks of March were a blur and a few things fell off. Blog post, IG TV videos and self-care Sunday to be exact. I began the year so strong and then I lost it. But the upside is every day I get a chance to start over so here is the weekly blog post and I’m going to buy a mask for Sunday. The IG TV video…well, we will work on that for next week. LOL!

My accomplishments for March 2019

·        If you read these monthly you know I’m trying to get to 2,000 followers Not there yet, but last months “You Go Girl” I was at 1,592. Now, I’m at 1,706. More growth…woohoo!  I’m thankful for you and I still need your help…Tell your friends to follow me. It’s fun here!

·        Still pitching.

·        I partnered with Jessica London again for March. I’m so excited that they keep wanting to work with me. I hope you all are enjoying the looks and have checked them out. We are building a great relationship and I couldn’t be happier. Make sure to show love on the post so they will keep wanting to work with me.

·        Worked AGAIN with…Eloquii. I keep pitching to them, and they keep saying yes. I’m shocked every time, but thankful. Hoping to keep the relationship going. Make sure you all like and comment on all my pics. Turn your notifications on because that dang algorithm.

·        Still working my part-time job. Do I like having to work every Saturday and getting up at 4:30 am? Absolutely not. But do I like the extra money? Heck Yes!

·        If you read last months “You Go Girl” then you remember I told you all about applying for something pretty exciting. If you saw my Instagram last week, then you know I was at Alt Summit in Palm Springs, CA, last week as a social media volunteer. I had a great time. Blog post and IG TV video coming soon.

·        Last but not least…two new brands reached out so expect to see some new collabs soon. Woo Hoo!

I’m not mad at 2019 so far. God is definitely in the blessing business. Although I fell off a bit, but still focused on my goals I wrote at the beginning of the year and praying like crazy. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I’m going in the right direction.


Let’s celebrate you now. What all did you accomplish in March? Don’t forget…nothing is too small Share with me in the comments! I can’t wait to celebrate you!

Until next month,

Crowned CaNesha

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