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It’s Never to Late to Go After Your Dreams

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Often times I wish I started on this life and blog journey years ago. When I see how far I have come, I wonder “what if?” Being almost 42 feels super old sometimes when I think of all I want to do. But then I think would I have been ready in my 20s or 30s to do the work. Would I be as focused, as confident, as prepared? Who knows?

I was watching one of my favorite shows The Voice and this 46-year-old lady was auditioning. She had been a background singer for years and now at 46 she was ready to be the lead singer. For some reason at that moment, it clicked for me. I felt like it was okay to be in my 40s and going after my dreams. Being the lead singer in this thing called life.

I know there is a place for everyone, and no I’m not like the 20- year-old bloggers, but I have something to share and someone wants to hear about it. I’m thankful that I’m still able to pursue this journey and not have any regrets. So, I’m going to keep on pushing and keep on believing that I got this even when some days it feels like I don’t. I’m excited to see where I will go.

And if/when I get down I will think about people who made it after 40.

Here are a few:

·        Samuel Jackson

·        Vera Wang

·        Martha Stewart – She even went to jail & is still out here winning

·        Leslie Jones

·        Kathy Bates


Over 40 and I got this!

Oh, just sitting here dreaming about my future!

Oh, just sitting here dreaming about my future!

You Go Girl!

You Go Girl - February 2019 Edition!