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Fear is a Thing…

So fear is a thing I get that, but what I am trying to figure out is if that is good or bad?

One definition of fear is to be afraid or apprehensive. Yep, that’s me.

According to Healthy Magazine fear is a certain part of life. What’s not certain is the influence fear has on you, as there are both good and bad sides to this humbling and potentially destructive emotion.

“It’s probably a good thing to fear. It compels us to action and helps us make prudent decisions.” Samuel Johnson

Sounds like me being fearful is a good thing. It means I’m going to over think it until I can’t anymore, but once I pull the trigger on it, it should be pretty awesome.

Psychology today says, “Love your fear. That's all it needs. It only grows when you let it consume you and that usually happens when we forget how helpful our fear is trying to be. It really wants our best, however irrational it sometimes is.”

I need to find a happy medium. I can be fearful and that’s okay, but I can’t let it consume me to the point that I’m paralyzed and won’t do anything. Right now I am letting it paralyze me well not think I know. I have to figure out how to move on in spite of.

People gave me some great ideas last week about how to move on and the consensus was to do it and don’t worry about it. I get that and I want to do that I need to put my big girl panties on. But I don’t want to.

Here is the upside…I will eventually do it, it just will take some time.

Example of things I was scared to do:

·        Blogging

·        Posting pics of myself almost every day

·        Sharing personal details of my life

·        Videos

·        Taking pictures in the middle of the street

There are more, but these are things you can see and as you can see I have a whole blog and I post on it consistently. I am in y’all’s feed several times a week. Check out my blog you learn a lot about me, I’ve started doing more videos and taking pics in the middle of the street. See below LOL! That’s growth, so I know eventually I will get it together and put together an event for my followers.

Why yes I’m in the middle of the street and yes cars were driving by. LOL! Suit from JCPenny.

Why yes I’m in the middle of the street and yes cars were driving by. LOL! Suit from JCPenny.

OMG I said it. If you have wondered what I’m so scared of that’s it. I want to do an event for my followers that goes along with my blog/brand. EEK. Well, I typed it, so I’m headed in the right direction. One day this will happen once I stop being a scary cat.

I’ll end with this “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

As always, thanks for reading and please share any positive comments in the comment section. I’m here for them.



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