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You Go Girl!


This You Go Girl is late for a couple of reasons. One I have been busy and was slacking on blogging, but the other reason is I was not too excited about it because my May was blah. Not too much excitement, especially compared to my April. Click here to read last month’s You Go Girl. I debated about doing one this month, then I remembered I should practice what I preach. I tell y’all every month nothing is too small and here I don’t want to share because I didn’t have anything “big.” SMH at myself.

In case you are new here, I began the “You Go Girl” monthly series because most of us make resolutions or promises to ourselves at the beginning of each year and as each month ends, we begin to think we are losing time if we haven’t accomplished it all. I decided at the end of each month instead of thinking of what we have not accomplished, we should think about all that we have.

Dress sponsored by Jessica London

Dress sponsored by Jessica London

My accomplishments for May 2019

·        Still the biggest accomplishment this month, but isn’t mine, is that my dad is doing great. When he wins, I win. End of March/beginning of April he was in the hospital for eight days. I’m very thankful for his progress!

·        I partnered with Jessica London AGAIN for May. I’m so excited that they keep wanting to work with me. Every time I receive the email I get excited all over again. We are building a great relationship and I couldn’t be happier. Make sure to show love on the post so they will keep wanting to work with me.

·        If you read these monthly you know I’m trying to get to 2,000 followers. This month not much growth, but a little isn’t bad either…small wins are important too (talking to myself). Last months “You Go Girl” I was at 1,760. Now, I’m at 1,810. I’m thankful for you all and I still need your help…Tell your friends to follow me. It’s fun here!

·        Still pitching. Not much luck recently, but I’m not giving up.

·        I turned 42. Although I wrote about struggling with turning 42 (see post here) it’s still a blessing to see another year and I’m pretty healthy.

·        I began a 6-week workout challenge to get healthier and so far so good. I’ve been consistent with working out, so I’m proud of myself.

·        Still working my part-time job. I still don’t like getting up at 4:30 a.m. every Saturday, but the extra money comes in handy.

Although this month did not look like I wanted it to I know God is in the blessing business I just have to be patient.


Let’s celebrate you now. What all did you accomplish in May? Don’t forget…nothing is too small Share with me in the comments! I can’t wait to celebrate you!

Until next month,

Crowned CaNesha

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