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Feeling Somewhat Blue...However, It's Okay

Last Saturday, I attended a baby shower, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I would ever have one. It’s not a secret I want to be a mom and it’s also not a secret that I am 40 so statistics say it could be hard if not impossible for me to conceive. I do believe in God, and I know if it’s for me it will be.

However, at the same time doubt creeps in now and then because if you look at my life it’s not looking to good.

I have considered and do consider doing it alone, but that is scary and if I’m being honest I still want my fairy tale…husband, house, white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog. Yes, I am scared of dogs, but just go with me LOL!

I try to imagine my life if my fairy tale never happens and I can’t. I see this as a good sign.  As sad as it makes me at times I have faith that it will happen because if you think positive, positive things will happen.

Truth moment…sometimes I do give up hope, but usually only for a short time like last Saturday at the baby shower.

I’m not sharing this for sympathy nor am I having a woe is me moment, I am sharing it because I started this blog to get things off my chest instead of holding them in and to hopefully help someone who may be feeling like I am.  

I believe that I am not the only one with these feelings regardless of age and I hope my sharing my feelings and thoughts will help someone.

So, don’t cry for me Argentina, but definitely pray for me and if you know any single, good men send them my way!


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