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It's Almost Valentine's Day and I'm Single but it's Okay

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 This is love month, and we are one week away from Valentine’s Day and this year is different for me.

Usually, I would be having a major woe is me moment because yet again I am single and not even dating so, I will not have a Valentine’s Day date (cue the violin).

As I have worked on growth, embracing Valentine’s Day is something I have to work on. I mean… I was extreme wearing black and if you look at my FB memories my posts were like “I HATE Valentine’s Day” LOL!

This month you will see that I am going to work on loving me. I have been so concerned about someone loving me, taking me to dinner and/or buying me a gift that I decided how about I do it for myself this month.

Don’t get it twisted I’m not acting like I don’t have a bit of sadness that I’m single yet again for Valentine’s Day but I’ve decided that I can’t live in this sadness. I have to enjoy life and not let one holiday take me out.

This month on the blog and social media you will see me embracing the traditional Valentine’s Day colors (Red and Pink) and I’m going to show some love to my readers by doing a giveaway on Galentine’s Day.

At the end of the day, I have decided I am not going to let Valentine’s Day take my joy…I am officially taking it back.

Happy Love Month Y’all!

Until next time,

Crowned CaNesha

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