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Happy Galentine's Day

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Do you know what Galentine’s Day is and where it came from? I had no clue. I guess I was so busy hating on Valentine’s Day that I totally missed this awesome day. That’s what happens when you are out here hating holidays for no reason.

Galentine’s Day is celebrated today, February 13. This holiday is about female friendships and celebrating those special friends you have in your life.

The term Galentine’s Day came from the show Parks and Recreation. On the show Leslie Knope defines Galentine's Day as "the best day of the year."

What I love most about this day is that it’s not an anti-Valentine's Day…no bitter Betty, it's a positive day to celebrate friendships.

Pretty cool, right? I couldn’t wait for this day, and I will be celebrating it every year from now on.

I wondered what could I do to celebrate Galentine’s Day and then it hit me…how about a giveaway for you all. Blogging isn’t easy and it takes a lot of work, so I am super thankful for everyone who reads my blog post, comment, etc. It makes my heart happy.

When I was thinking of a giveaway, I thought what I would want. This gift is a few of my favorite things.


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I was so stoked when I found this mug…I even did a blog post about these three words (Live, Laugh, Love). Post here. If you know me then, you know I LOVE coffee and mugs, but if you win feel free to drink whatever you want out of it LOL!

A journal is a must have. I began this blog because writing is therapeutic for me. It’s something about getting all the thoughts out of your head…it’s very freeing.

Last but not least, I love to read and since Galentine’s Day is all about Girl Power I thought this book “You are a Bad Ass” was perfect.

To enter…like my latest post on Instagram (hint…it says giveaway) and tag two friends in the comments. That’s it!

I will announce the winner Saturday, February 17 on my IG story.

Again, thanks so much for rocking with me and Happy Galentine’s Day.

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