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You Go Girl!

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It’s that time again. Most of us make resolutions or promises to ourselves at the beginning of each year of all we are going to do that year and as each month ends we begin to think we are losing time.

I decided at the end of each month instead of thinking of what we haven’t accomplished, we should think about all that we have.

Truth Moment-As I began to do this post I felt like I hadn’t really achieved much this month but then I remembered everything should be celebrated big or small so check out my list and then add yours.

Accomplishments for February 2018
I am still meal planning
consistent on my blog
I did my first giveaway and I think it was a success
Spent time with friends
Making more connections and Building Relationships with other Bloggers
Still being present
I am on week nine of the 52 Week Money Challenge
I actually enjoyed Valentine’s Day…I did not have a woe is me moment at all
Someone brought me fries at work and I put them in the trash
A little more consistent about working out
I think I only had a couple of cupcakes (trying to get this body ready for summer LOL)
Only drinking water at work…no more Coke (at work)
Saw Black Panther
This is my second blog post of the week

I am patting myself on the back and saying You Go Girl!

Let’s celebrate you now. What all have you accomplished this month? Don’t forget…nothing is too small.

Until next time,
Crowned CaNesha

You Go Girl!!

You Go Girl!