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Getting to Happy

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“True happiness is knowing you’re doing the best you can. True happiness comes when you realize you’ll never be perfect. Beware of perfectionism. Perfectionism is a prescription for misery.” Janet Jackson

I took a quiz last weekend in Essence magazine called “Your Happiness Checkup,” and my results were pretty dead on.

My result was Overcast…it said, “Life is not always easy, yet you’re still pushing. It is your season to smile more.” I have worked hard on finding my happy and keeping it, but I’m human so it can be challenging at times.

The magazine also shared things to do or stop doing to find your happy. I wanted to share some of them with you. Some I’m kind of doing and others I plan to start and one that I don’t think is my ministry LOL.

·        Stop waking up and immediately checking social media. It can have an effect on you whether you know it or not. Instead, read a book, listen to a podcast or meditate. You will notice a difference.

·        Wake up and write three to five things or more you are grateful for.

·        Learn/Try something new.

·        Go to Therapy. Sometimes you need to talk it out.

·        Choose a day and Lay Low…a Sunday would be good. Use this as a day to yourself. It will give you a day to look forward to every week. You can sleep, eat, mask your face; feet, do a little laundry and lay in bed. It will help you recharge and get ready for the week.

·        Leave work at work…I know that’s hard but try it will make a difference.

·        Create a prayer jar and be specific on what you pray for. Write the prayer down, date it and place it in the prayer jar. Once it manifests add the date it happened. I am definitely doing this one.  

·        Find something to splurge on for yourself. Find at least one thing that brings you personal joy and do it. A monthly massage, buy a new purse. Something that is for you.

·        Meditate. I have wanted to try this, but not sure how to do it. If anyone does it or knows how feel free to help me.

·        Start running. I have heard running is good for you. This one might not work for me LOL, but I still wanted to share.

·        Make a conscious effort to think before committing to things. This will help you say yes to you. I am bad at this. I have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) bad, so I always want to say yes, but I’m working on more no.

·        Let go of toxic people…you will see a change ASAP. You know those people; they drain you, etc. let them go. Life will be better.

·        Allow someone to hug you or hug someone…sometimes people need a reassuring hug to feel that it will be okay.

·        Celebrate your greatness. You are fearfully and wonderfully made so celebrate that.

 “Happiness doesn’t depend on the success of your relationship with others. It depends on your relationship with yourself.” Janet Jackson

Once we all realize that happiness depends on our relationship with our self-getting to our happy will be a lot easier.

How did you get to your happy, or what are you doing to get to your happiness?



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