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You Go Girl!!

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It is April…can you believe it? This year is flying by, but I want us to continue to celebrate our wins each month no matter how small.

To recap…I began the “You Go Girl” monthly series because most of us make resolutions or promises to ourselves at the beginning of each year of all we plan to do that year and as each month ends we begin to think we are losing time.

So, I decided at the end of each month instead of thinking of what we haven’t accomplished, we should think about all that we have.

Truth Moment- I am getting nervous as this year is rushing by, that I will not hit all my big goals, but I’m going to be happy with the small ones and keep praying the big ones will work themselves out.

 Accomplishments for March 2018

· I have been pretty unhappy at my job for a while, but I finally started making moves to change it, instead of complaining but doing nothing. Good Job me!

·  I did my first series on the blog, and people seemed to enjoy it.

· I am trying to get to 1000 followers on Instagram and I need about 25 more. Tell your friends to follow me. It’s fun here!

· Noticing more views on my blog which is a big deal.

· I have shown my face more on Instagram Stories. I was challenged to do it twice a week, and I’m not there yet but I’m getting there. Baby steps.

  • Still putting money in weekly for the 52 week challenge and I haven’t taken any out.

· I never take lunch breaks, but I am vowing to at least leave my desk twice a week, even if it is just for a walk. Guys keep me honest on this one.

· Still consistent with my blog.

· I took my Christmas tree down last weekend. Don’t  judge me!

·  Still being conscious of being present.

I am patting myself on the back and saying You Go Girl!

Let’s celebrate you now. What all have you accomplished this month? Don’t forget…nothing is too small. Share with me in the comments! I can’t wait to celebrate you!

Until next time,

Crowned CaNesha

I'm So Blessed but Sometimes I Forget

You Go Girl!