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I'm So Blessed but Sometimes I Forget

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I woke up in the morning feeling fresh to death
I'm so blessed, yes, yes
I went to sleep stressed, woke up refreshed
I'm so blessed, yeah, yes
Water in my face and everything is in its place
Peace of mind, even my grace
I'm so blessed, yes yes yes
- Jilly from Philly


I have good days and bad days as most people do, but on my bad days I can forget all the good things in my life and how the Lord has blessed me even when I didn’t deserve it.

Recently, in my prayers at night, I have started to thank God for what I have instead of asking him for things I want/need. I mean I still throw in there about a husband and baby, but I’m thanking Him for my parent’s health and how grateful I am to still have them.

I thank Him for an older brother because it’s what I needed…a sister would not have worked for me.

I thank Him for my older nephew who takes care of me. He always has my back and about once a month lets me ask all the questions I want. LOL!

I thank Him for friends who have become family, and I thank Him that at almost 41 I’m doing pretty well and I don’t look a day over 30 LOL!

What I know is that stuff happens, life sucks, work sucks, your car will break down, your garbage disposal and dishwasher will stop working at the same time (just mine?) but if you have people in your life who can make you laugh about it, take your mind off of it or give you the number to “their guy” who is reasonable you have it all.

And I have to tell you I definitely have it all!

What makes you feel blessed?


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