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Praying for What’s in God’s Will

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I recently watched a clip from an interview with LeToya Luckett, and she stated something that struck a chord with me.

 “You pray for things, and you know we all have our wish lists, but I’ve learned to pray for whatever’s in Your will,” said Luckett. “And I found myself throwing out my list I held dear to my heart for several years of what I wanted out of a man and what I wanted to do in the next few years because I was like, alright Lord, if this ain’t in your will, I don’t want it. And it kind of took the reins out of my hand.”

 Luckett also added, “I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get out there and go for yours, but I am saying, when you really hand the reins over to Him and get out of the driver seat of your life, and really allow God to step in and do what he’s been doing all along and get out of the way then boom…it happens.”

 I have never thought about it like that, but it makes sense. God gives us what we need when we need it so even though I’m out here praying for all these specific things God could be laughing at me because it is not in His plan.

So, my new plan is to try to let go and allow God to work. Will it be easy? Of course not…I have had this list for a long time, so to let it go and ask God to give me what I need not what I want…OMG.

 The scariest part is will I see it when He sends it to me (whatever IT is) because I’ve been so fixated on my list. I hope I will, and I hope He knows I’m hardheaded and He needs to make it super clear LOL!

 Here is what I do know…what I’m currently doing isn’t quite working out how I want it so why not try something different. Let God take over and give me what’s in His will.

Not being in control is scary, but a little exciting because I’m anxious to see the plans God has for me. So, take it away God. You are in the driver seat, and I am a passenger in this thing called life.


Trying to Let Go and Let God


You Go Girl!

You Go Girl!