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Do You Know What Fun Is?

Do you ever forget to have fun? Like real fun. Fun without thinking about goals, dreams, etc. pure unadulterated fun. This past weekend I had fun.

I want this face everyday! Fun, good times!

I want this face everyday! Fun, good times!

I wasn't thinking about my blog, my numbers, views, my non-existent love life, my career, or how to make more money, so I can quit my part-time job. I was only thinking about having fun.

This past weekend made me realize that I’ve been so focused on “living my best life” that I forgot to have fun. The funny thing is that I’m not so sure I realized there was a difference and maybe it’s not a difference for everybody but for me it has to be.

I have to separate the two to get the best out of life. I said it last week, and I’ll say it again. Forty-two is hard, but I’m working through it. Working to find the place where I’m consistently happy, having fun and trusting Jesus that my prayers will be answered when He is ready. Whew chile...that’s hard, but the upside is I know I’ll get there.

I’ve come too far to go back to where I was in my thirties, so I’m going to keep pushing and moving forward to be the best CaNesha I can be.

Will it be easy? I doubt it. But most things in life that you really want aren’t easy. So, for now I’ll keep pushing through and one day you will see the “I’m there” blog post. One day. In the meantime, I’m going to try and continue to have fun. Pure fun every once in a while.


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